Adrian Broner Arrested – Armed Robbery

Adrian Broner Arrested – Armed Robbery

Adrian Broner indicted for assault and robbery

Say it ain’t so!

Former champion Adrien Broner has been indicted on assault and robbery charges as a result of an incident in January that took place outside of a Cincinnati bowling alley. Broner is already serving a 10-day jail sentence after violating his probation due to an unrelated reckless driving case.

A grand jury indicted Broner on Thursday charging him with felonious assault, aggravated robbery and robbery. The charges stem from a lawsuit filed by Christopher Carson, who has accused Broner of robbing him of $10,000 in cash outside of a bowling alley on January 21. Carson claims that Broner punched him twice while holding a gun after Broner attempted to force Carson to give him back money that was lost in a bowling bet.

The aggravated robbery charge is a first-degree felony that carries a maximum sentence of three to five years. The charges of second-degree felonious assault and robbery carry sentences of two to eight years.

Once again Barbershop – We have another instance of “When Keepin’ it Real Goes Wrong”

Stay tuned… We will be following this case closely.



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