Big Papi… Corn maze???

Recently, some serious Boston Red Sox fans wanted to pay tribute to the recently retired slugger David Ortiz aka Big Papi. An awesome gesture for one of the all time greatest Red Sox to ever play the game.

So how did they choose to honor Big Papi? A bronze statue? A special plaque at Fenway? His name engraved in the Green Monster?

No. How about a corn maze.

Yup. A real corn maze. Made out of corn. That people walk through. In the shape and likeness of none other than Big Papi. Don’t believe us… Here, check it out:


Big Papi corn maze tribute

Big Papi corn maze tribute


Having a hard time seeing it? Feeling like you’re looking at one of those old school Highlights magazine optical illusion pics from back in the day? Here… Let us help you out:



So the question is: Was this a cool gesture? Or was it…. Corny?  I know, we couldn’t help it! Chime in and let us know what you think!


“Only in The Barbershop!


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