Damn Daniel! Who are these guys?

Daniel is back at it with the white Vans!

If you haven’t seen the latest viral internet sensation, then…Damn Daniel – You must be living in a cave. The compilation video that has been KILLING the Internet is that of a young man, who we have determined to be Daniel Lara. Daniel and his friend Josh Holz attend Riverside High School in Riverside, California and Josh is apparently is very fond of Daniel’s sense of fashion – his footwear in particular….And all of the viral madness has been captured on video!

Internet Famous

In a matter of weeks, Daniel and Josh have gone from a couple of young guys with a quirky little ritual that was documented on a smart phone, to having millions and millions of views of their video, 100’s of thousands of new followers and fans, features on MTV… And an appearance on Ellen!

But why this video?

Now granted, the content of this latest viral video is kinda funny. The apparent excitement over Daniel and his choice of shoes is contagious, and I’m sure before the day is over, you will catch yourself saying “DAMMMMN DANIEL!” But what makes this video more compelling, more viral that every other video out there? If you figure it out – Please let us here at The Barbershop know! We want to be on Daniel’s level.


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