Donald Trump – Big Hands, Big Pimpin’

Donald Trump – Big Hands, Big Pimpin’

Donald Trump is back at it again! Or should we say Mack Daddy Trump is back at it again. In a hotly contested, highly combative race to become the republican nominee for President of the United States the current front runner Trump may have actually reached a new low.

How low did Trump go?

Fellow republican candidate Marco Rubio recently made a comment that despite being 6’2, Trump has surprisingly “small hands”. The small hands jab was an apparent diss, making fun of Donald Trumps apparent physical “shortcomings”…because guys with small hands are (allegedly) less endowed than guys with big hands.

Wasting no time, Trump came swinging right back – Letting the world know that if he were to be elected to the highest office in the land,  a President Trump would have more than enough “manhood” to be qualified for the job. Apparently having a large man-package down below the belt is one of the qualifications required to  become a successful candidate.

Trump Remix

We here at the Barbershop decided to put together a little remix for Trump and his “prideful” part! Like only The Barbershop can! Check it out below!


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