Marcus Trufant vs Science – ESPN Sports Science


Today everyone knows Marcus Trufant (Tru) as the loveable co-host of the wildly popular internet show and movement known as The Barbershop. But once upon a time (actually, just a very SHORT while ago), Tru was considered to be one of the most elite defensive backs in the entire National football league! He was so good at his craft, in fact, that even perennial all-pro cornerback Richard Sherman credits Tru with helping him become a better professional when he first entered the NFL.

Marcus’s skills almost defied science. And for that reason, the television show “Sports Science” which aired on ESPN came out to test his skills. Scientifically.

Here is the episode where our beloved Barbershop host is put to the test…. Not only by man, but by MACHINE!

Go Get ‘Em Tru!


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