Meet Lil Tasty

Meet Lil’ Tasty!

It’s lit my G!

Every now and then, we come across someone who is just so enigmatic. So unique. So special. And we here at The Barbershop enjoy sharing these people with the rest of the world. We have found our new “It” person this week – And her name is Lil’ Tasty.

Lil’ Tasty?

Do we know where Lil’ Tasty is from?


Do we know what Lil’ Tasty does for a living?


Do we know Lil’ Tasty’s real name, age, relationship status, what she likes to do in her spare time.

No. No. No and No.

But what we do know is that Lil’ Tasty is cool as hell, and she doesn’t give a damn. About a thing. And we here at The Barbershop love that about her. So with no further ado, here is Lil’ Tasty.

(If anyone knows how to get in touch with Lil’ Tasty please have her get in touch with us. ASAP!)




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